2018 Camp Sessions

At Adventure WILD Summer Day Camp, we believe that authentic learning takes place when children are able to investigate and interact with the world around them.Photo Aug 03, 1 58 45 PM

Nature, art, science, and play are the building blocks that campers ages 4-10 will use to explore the vibrant life and amazing mysteries found in surrounding green spaces. Through thematic and guided activities with experienced educators, your child will laugh, learn, and make memories to last a lifetime. Plus, every camp includes one or two days of rock climbing in our very own MMC and a day at the Mazama Lodge! This year, we’re excited to offer an optional overnight trip for 8-10 year olds during three sessions, and a full-day field trip to Kelly Point Park during one session.

This year we’re offering 7 week-long sessions, for children ages 4-10 years, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., based here at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center at 527 SE 43rd Ave., Portland, OR 97215

June 18 – 22, 2018: WILD Creatures & Conservation ($325)

Do you love intriguing insects? Slimy slugs? Beautiful birds? If so, come to WILD Creatures & Conservation Week to explore the abundance of creatures and their habitats in local green spaces! We’ll try our hands at critter catching, create creature habitats, and go bird watching in Laurelhurst Park and at Mount Hood.

*FULL* June 25 – 29, 2018: WILD Science & Discovery ($325)

Did you know the course of rivers change over time? Or that you can melt ice with salt? These and other wonders of the cosmos will unfurl during WILD Science and Discovery Week. We’ll track the motion of shadows, build erupting volcanoes, and explore physics as we scale the rock climbing wall!

July 9 – 13, 2018: WILD Plants & Pollinators ($325)

Do you know which plants and animals in Oregon are native, and which are “newcomers?” Did you know that birds are pollinators? We’ll explore the world of native species and how they’re pollinated during WILD Plants and Pollinators Week. We’ll get our hands dirty as we scavenger hunt for natives at Laurelhurst Park and at Mount Hood.

*FULL* July 16 – 20, 2018: WILD Winds & Waters ($340)*

Have you ever wondered why a Portland winter is so rainy but a summer is so dry? Why the Columbia River flows west, but the wind travels east? Join us for WILD Winds & Waters Week to dive into Pacific Northwest weather and water patterns. We’ll build boats to set a sail at Kelly Point Park, experiment with atmospheric pressure, and build and test weather stations at Mount Hood.

*This week includes an additional field trip to Kelly Point Park*

July 23 – 27, 2018: WILD Oregon Homes & Habitats  ($325 base tuition + $50 overnight optional add-on)*

Have you ever wondered how Oregon has rainforest, tundra, and desert? Or how these climates shape the plants, animals, and peoples that live in them? Join us for WILD Oregon Homes & Habitats Week to explore the variety of peoples and places that call Oregon “home.”

*This week includes an optional Thursday night overnight at the Mazama Lodge for 8-10 year olds.**

*FULL* July 30 – August 3, 2018: WILD Builders & Creators ($325 base tuition + $50 overnight optional add-on)*

Do you dream of building forts? Boats? Planes? We’ll put our creativity to the test as we engineer all sorts of contraptions throughout WILD Builders & Creators Week. We’ll build boats to set a sail, build and launch rockets, and learn how to build shelters to protect us from the elements while at Mt. Hood.

*This week includes an optional Thursday night overnight at the Mazama Lodge for 8-10 year olds.**

*FULL* August 6 – 10, 2018: WILD Mountains & Exploration ($325 base tuition + $50 overnight optional add-on)*

Have you ever wondered where Mt. Hood came from? How Mt. St. Helens lost its top? Come to WILD Mountains & Exploration Week to experience the mountains firsthand. We’ll learn about the many layers that make a mountain, how to navigate on and around them, and how humans interact with them through climbing and adventuring on Mt. Hood!

*This week includes an optional Thursday night overnight at the Mazama Lodge for 8-10 year olds.**

**Overnight options are dependent upon registration. If minimum participant requirement is not met, Adventure WILD reserves the right to cancel an overnight excursion at any time. In the event of a cancellation, all participants will be refunded the full cost of the overnight.


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